Ever After Part 5

2 And A Half Years Later …

Abby’s Life Goes on 🙂


Even Though Fine Lines Is Over…

I decided to post an wordless epilogue of sorts … Well its not really an epilogue. But a series on pictures to show Abby’s Happily Ever After!

Part One Is Posted … under the chapter list where you would normally find the chapters.

The Finale Has Been Posted.

*Cries a little* – But the main of the story is complete. I would like to thank all my readers for sticking it out with me from June 2016 til Oct 2016. Its a really long time to invest yourself in something I took a lot of pride in. After you have wanted to smack Abby once or twice (or maybe a hundred) we have found the end of the road with her story. Thank you to my commenter’s, and my loyal readers to giving me that little push to keep writing when I sometimes had enough or I had writers block, and thank you to my proof reader too … you have been a tremendous help when I needed to bounce a few ideas when I was stuck!

From here the rest of fine lines will play out as an wordless epilogue so we get to see what happens after fine lines. And hopefully all the ends will get tied up. It will be a small insight to Abby’s happily ever after that will follow us through to chasing hearts.

Some pure moments of joy and sadness coming 🙂