And So It Begins …

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Sean Hyatt is a multi-billionaire, jet-setting businessman; your all round player and Casanova … but ultimately a long time bachelor. After the loss of his father, he was the only heir to pick up where his father left off. Trying to run a hotel, run his life in still in grief, will he find the one that will fill the void in his heart? With so many hearts to chase … can this bachelor ever settle down?



Ever After Part 7 – Fine Lines.

The time is drawing near til the very end!!!

I leave spacious gaps in the story to gear up for some unforgettable days and to symbolise time too. Click into chapter 198, to see another memorable moment in Abby And Justin’s Life.

Ever After Part 6 :) Fine Lines.

Okay so you didn’t think i was coming back did you???

Its been a very long month! And a busy one at that, but i took a hiatus of sorts over the festive period to re group and bring you a mini update for the next BIG UPDATE. Then the following one will see the beginning of a fine lines spin off!